There are different ways to fly over the Méribel valley. In general winter conditions are calm. Takeoff and landing are very easy as we glide on skis or a snowboard. Ski-poles are not neccessary during the flight and are kept at our meeting points. We mainly offer two different flights, both taking off from La Saulire. One is to Mottaret, in the heart of the 3 Vallées, near the Vanoise National Park where you can admire the Tueda lake. The other is to Méribel, which is the longest flight in the 3 Vallées, in terms of elevation change. For both flights we fly over naturally preserved areas and it is not uncommon to see birds, sometimes eagle and also deer. The flight time depends on elevation change and wind conditions. From mid-march there is more sun which create pockets of hot air enabling the flight to take longer but can also make it a rougher ride. At the end of every flight we offer a few moments of acrobatics, but only with your consent. You are also photographed and filmed during your journey.